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Important Notice:

As a result of the information currently being provided by the World Health Organisation the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the UK Government, UK General Insurance Ltd (Underwriters of Asian Wedding Insurance) have taken the decision to suspend all new Asian Wedding Insurance applications whilst we assess the impact of the virus both in the UK and abroad.

Please note that if you are an existing customer, your policy will remain in place and unchanged.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and aim to resume business as usual as soon as possible.


What is Asian Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance exists to give you financial protection should things go wrong before or during your wedding day.

Although it is called Wedding Insurance, Asian Wedding Insurance can also cover Civil Ceremonies, wedding blessings and renewal of vows. It is not event insurance and cannot provide cover for 21st birthday parties and other celebrations of this type.

Unlike most wedding insurance policies, under the Asian Wedding Insurance policy, up to 6 events can be insured and the wedding reception does not have to be on the same day of the wedding ceremony. There can be a maximum of 94 days between the first ceremony and the final reception.

Asian Wedding Insurance does not charge any additional premium if you are having your wedding abroad (although some sections are not available).

To see what is covered by the policy please click here to read the policy wording.

How much cover do i need?

The level of cover for most Wedding insurance policies is usually determined by the total cost of the wedding, i.e. how much it would cost insurers if your wedding was cancelled

If you insure your wedding for less than the total cost then the maximum you will receive in the event of cancelling the wedding is the level of cover you have paid for. If you are unsure of the total cost of your wedding click here to use our wedding cost calculator

If you find that during the course of organising your wedding that costs increase beyond the level of cover you have bought please call us on 01483 806 680 and we will be happy to arrange increasing your level of cover (subject to payment of additional premium)

Before your wedding

Asian Wedding Insurance can be purchased up to 2 years before your wedding ceremony. Buying it this early will protect any deposits you make (and indeed any deposits paid before you bought the policy, subject to policy terms and conditions) from the financial failure of wedding service suppliers.

This also covers professional wedding planners. The policy does not cover Wedding Gift suppliers.

The reasons for cancellation or rearrangement that are covered by the Asian Wedding Insurance policy are shown in section 1 of the policy wording, but include the death or illness of the couple or a close relative that would make the continuance of the wedding inappropriate.

It also covers the unforeseen posting of a member of the armed forces, providing the serving person has previously had their leave agreed by their commanding officer.

Redundancy of one of the couple is covered, providing the wedding insurance policy is taken out 8 weeks prior to the notice of redundancy being given.

During the Wedding

Asian Wedding Insurance covers you during the day for things such as additional costs for alternative transport should the wedding cars not appear or breakdown.

The policy also covers you to cancel or rearrange the wedding if the officiating minister or registrar does not turn up


Asian wedding insurance was designed to insure up to 6 events including the wedding ceremony and receptions.

The bride and groom are covered for their personal liability in case they cause any accidental injury, loss or damage to third party property. This can be extended to all the guests with the appropriate additional premium. Please note this section in unavailable for weddings taking place in the USA or Canada.

Wedding rings are covered against loss or accidental damage up to 24 hours after the wedding ceremony.


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