Asian Wedding Insurance FAQs

Please check this page for the answers to most commonly asked questions.
Why do we need Asian Wedding Insurance?
When planning what will be one of the biggest and most expensive days of your life, no-one really want to think of what might go wrong. Sadly, however, weddings do sometimes have to be cancelled or re-arranged for a wide range of different reasons and Wedding Insurance is there to help make sure that you do not lose money as a result. Even if the day goes ahead, other problems can arise and Wedding Insurance helps you to sort them out and pay for unexpected additional costs. Asian wedding insurance is different from normal wedding insurance as it covers 6 events over a period of 94 days.
When should we take out Asian Wedding Insurance?
Ideally, you should take it out as soon as you have paid any deposits or signed a contract that means you will lose money if you are forced to change your plans. You can arrange our insurance at any time up to 24 months before the big day.
I have already paid a deposit. Will this be covered?
Yes - provided you are not aware of any particular circumstances that may give rise to a claim when you take out the policy. Cover for financial failure starts 14 days after the premium has been paid.
We will be getting married in a small civil ceremony with a larger church blessing and reception 2 weeks later. Are both dates covered?
Both dates will be covered provided they are not more than 94 days apart. If your civil marriage and blessing/reception are more than 94 days apart then you will need to take out two separate policies, one for each date. The same goes if you are getting married abroad with a small ceremony overseas and then having a party/reception when you return back to the UK. The events must be less that 94 days apart to be covered under the same policy.
We are getting married abroad. Can we take out a policy?
Yes - you can take a policy for weddings anywhere in the world. For weddings abroad, however, you cannot take the extension to add the liability of your guests and liability is excluded completely for weddings in the USA or Canada.
My fiancé lives abroad. Can we take out a policy?
Yes - provided one of you is normally resident here in the UK you can take out a policy.
My fiancé is in the Armed Forces. Are we covered if he is unexpectedly posted abroad?
Yes - provided that leave has alreadt been agreed and there was no notice of possible cancellation of leave at the time the policy was taken out.
What about if one of us decides not to go ahead with the marriage after all?
This is known as "disinclination to proceed" and is not insured, sadly.
What happens if the professional wedding photographs fail because the film or digital storage media is faulty and there are no copies available?
Then the reasonable costs of taking replacement formal photographs of the couple and the immediate Wedding party can be claimed.
I have an existing medical condition. Can this be covered?
Most existing medical conditions are insured automatically, both for the Couple and also their close relatives. There is no cover, however, for Pre-existing medical conditions that have resulted in a terminal prognosis or where the condition is awaiting treatment or investigation at a hospital or you are awaiting the results of tests or investigations, unless you have declared details to us and we have agreed to insure them. You can call us to discuss a medical condition on 01483 562 662
What happens if one of the suppliers goes bust?
Then you may claim for any irrecoverable deposits that you may have paid and also for the necessary additional costs in arranging an equivalent alternative. A definition of wedding service suppliers is included in the policy wording.
Our wedding venue is flooded just before the big day. Are we covered?
Yes - you will be covered for the additional costs of rearranging a suitable alternative venue for the same day, if that is possible, or irrecoverable amounts and additional costs of having to cancel and rearrange the whole event for a later day.
We are hiring a marquee and will need to insure it. Is this included or can it be added to the policy?
There is an optional extension that you can take to add this cover for up to £20,000 or £50,000, subject to payment of the appropriate additional premium.
Our venue requires us to provide insurance in case any of us or the guests causes accidental damage during the reception. Is this included?
Your own personal liability is included as standard up to £2,000,000. There are optional extensions available to add cover for the liabilities of your guests up to £2,000,000 in total or to increase the limit to £5,000,000 in total, including guests' liabilities. There are restrictions on the liability cover for overseas weddings as detailed in the policy wording.
Is my honeymoon or overseas wedding trip insured on this policy?
No - you will need to take out separate travel insurance for your honeymoon or overseas wedding trip, which would normally include cancellation cover if you are not able to travel as planned. If travelling to get married abroad, the Wedding Insurance only covers the extra costs and items specifically relevant to the wedding itself, including the rings, wedding attire, essential document indemnity etc., not the cost of the trip itself.
Does the Asian Wedding Insurance policy have an excess?
No, there are no excesses applicable under any section of the policy.