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Asian wedding insurance and getting married abroad

9th February 2012 by Adam

Many Asian couples getting married will have some or all of the ceremonies abroad, whether this is so that family can attend or the recent cold snap convincing them that warmer climes would be better for their wedding; Asian wedding insurance is able to cover them.

If you are one of the many couples getting married abroad in the next couple of years you may be wondering if you can get cover for this or how this affects your wedding insurance.

When you book your Asian wedding insurance policy, you can select that the wedding ceremony and/or additional events will take place abroad. That's all you need to do and your overseas wedding will be covered by Asian wedding insurance at no additional cost!

As with a UK wedding the Asian wedding insurance policy is a one-off payment and provides you with cover up to 2 years before your wedding.

There can be a gap of up to 94 days between the first event and the final event, meaning that you could have your shaadi and some of your wedding events abroad but also have a reception back in the UK under the policy, without the need for any additional premium.

Although the cost of the policy is the same, certain sections of the policy are not available if you get married overseas, for instance, the public liability extension is not available for guests. However public liability cover is available for the couple (unless they are getting married in the USA or Canada).

Similarly, cover for a marquee is not available for overseas weddings.

For weddings abroad the Asian wedding insurance policy is extended to cover loss or damage to essential documents.

Flights or other transport to the country and accommodation costs where you are getting married are not covered by Asian wedding insurance, these should be covered by a travel insurance policy. Wedding transport in the policy wording only refers to any paid transport to and from the wedding venue itself on the day of the ceremony.

The Asian wedding insurance policy states that you must arrive in your destination country 5 days before the ceremony, in order that your wedding is not impacted by brief periods of adverse weather affecting your travel.

Similarly, honeymoons also fall outside the scope of the Asian wedding insurance product; again to have protection for this you will need a travel insurance product.

Asian wedding insurance is available to buy online from www.asianweddinginsurance.co.uk to protect weddings up to a value of £100,000 up to 24 months in advance of the ceremony. Deposits paid prior to purchasing the policy are covered by Asian wedding insurance.

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