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Asian Wedding Marquee Cover

8th July 2011 by Adam

Many venues provide reception facilities using marquees, as it provides them with a flexible space they can tailor for each wedding. Similarly, some couples prefer the comfort of hiring a marquee and erecting it in their garden in order to have their reception at home, for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Your Asian wedding insurance policy can be extended to provide cover for a marquee by selecting the appropriate extension during the booking process.

Do I need marquee cover?

If your wedding venue has their own marquee where you will be holding your reception, then they will be responsible for it and the marquee extension is not required.

However, if the marquee is hired in on a temporary basis at the venue or privately hired through a marquee hire company, then the Asian Wedding Insurance marquee extension will be required if you need to have cover against loss or damage of the marquee.

What level of cover do I need?

Asian wedding insurance has two levels of marquee cover available capable of coverings marquees up to £20,000 or up to £50,000. If your marquee requires a higher level of cover this may be available by calling 01483 806 680.

What does the marquee extension cover me for?

The Asian Wedding Insurance marquee cover protects you against loss or damage to the marquee, ancillary equipment and, if nominated for cover, any mobile W/C units that may have been hired.

The extension does not cover you for any loss or damage that occurs during the erection or dismantling of the marquee as this is the responsibility of the company that you are hiring the marquee from.

You are not covered for the loss or damage of any audio/visual entertainment equipment and there is no cover for damage caused to the flooring by footwear.

What is ancillary equipment?

Under the Asian Wedding Insurance policy marquee ancillary equipment refers to the basic items required for the marquee to hold a reception, such as the policy the flooring, basic lighting, tables and chairs are considered to be ancillary equipment.

More specialist items such as generators or disco lighting are not considered to be ancillary equipment under the Asian Wedding Insurance policy.

How long does the marquee cover last for?

The standard maximum hire period under the policy extension is 5 days. However, if a longer period is required please call us on 01483 806 680 as we may be able to provide cover.

If the marquee is erected for a number of days and ancillary equipment left in it, then the marquee must be properly secured at all times.

For more information see the Asian Wedding Insurance Policy Wording .

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