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What's Different about Asian Wedding Insurance?

There are several wedding insurance policies available and each will vary in terms of cover, so what makes Asian wedding insurance different from the others?

More Events covered as Standard

Most wedding insurance products available on the market are designed for western weddings; covering 1 wedding ceremony and 1 reception.

Asian Wedding Insurance covers 6 wedding events as standard.

94 days between wedding and reception

Some cheaper policies require the wedding ceremony and reception to be on the same day in order to be covered.

Asian Wedding Insurance allows there to be a gap of up to 94 days between the first wedding event and the last wedding event. This is particularly useful, for instance, if you are getting married abroad but having some wedding events when you return to the UK and want them to be covered by one policy.

Deposits covered prior to taking out the policy

Asian Wedding Insurance will cover any deposits that you've paid to your suppliers before you buy the policy, providing you are not aware of any reason to expect a claim to arise at the time you purchase the policy. Please note, however, that this cover begins 14 days after you buy the policy.

Some of our competitors exclude deposits that are paid prior to purchasing the policy, meaning that if you have paid a deposit for your venue and you have to cancel you will not be able to claim this money back with their policy.

Weddings abroad at no extra cost

Some policies will only cover weddings happening in the UK. Not only does Asian Wedding Insurance covers weddings abroad but also does so at no additional cost. Please note: Asian wedding insurance does not cover anything to do with travelling to the country you are getting married in, for this you need travel insurance to protect you in case you have to cancel the holiday booking and/or flights.

Cover for medical conditions

Some wedding insurance policies exclude any medical condition you or a close relative, as defined in the policy wording , may have. So if you have to cancel or rearrange the wedding due to an existing medical condition you would be unlikely to have a claim met by the insurer.

Asian Wedding Insurance, however, will cover these conditions as long as you and any close relatives, upon whom the wedding relies, can comply with the medical declaration when you take out the policy. If you cannot comply with this declaration then unfortunately we are unable to provide cover for claims relating to these conditions under the policy.

If you are unsure then please call us on 01483 562 662

Financial failure of venue or caterers

Many of our competitors would consider the financial failure of a venue or caterer under that specific section of their policy. However, the loss of a venue or caterer due to financial failure could mean that you have to cancel or rearrange the wedding entirely and the amount you can claim back under the financial failure section may be inadequate for your needs.

Asian Wedding Insurance includes the financial failure of the venue or caterer in the cancellation and rearrangement section meaning that you can claim up to the cost of the entire wedding if necessary, so you will not be out of pocket if your venue or caterer goes bankrupt or into liquidation.

No Excess

Asian Wedding Insurance charges no excess on ANY part of the policy; most of our competitors charge an excess if you need to make a claim.

Rearrangement costs up 75% of cancellation cover

Asian Wedding Insurance allows you to claim up to 75% of the cancellation cost if you incur additional costs due to having to rearrange your wedding for one of the insured reasons.

Many of our competitors only cover 50% of the cancellation cost in the event of rearrangement, which may not be adequate if you have to rearrange your wedding at short notice.

Public Liability extendable to the guests

Public liability covers individuals in the event of accidental injury to a third party or accidental damage to third party property

Some cheaper wedding policies, whilst covering the bride and groom, do not allow for public liability cover to be extended to the guests. Asian Wedding Insurance allows you to extend the public liability cover to your guests for a small additional premium.

Cover for mobile w/c units

Our marquee extension automatically covers any mobile w/c units hired for you and your guests. Other wedding insurance policies may require referral to underwriter and possibly an additional premium in order to cover them.


We are more than happy to assist with any queries about cover or see if additional cover can be arranged. Please call 01483 562 662 and we'll be happy to help.

Author: Adam
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