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Asian Wedding Trends 2020

3rd March 2020 by Taryn Read

Are you planning your 2020 Asian Wedding and want your wedding to stand out, and represent your fashionable taste?

Look no further, Asian Wedding Insurance has scouted the web to curate the biggest and best Asian Wedding Trends in 2020 to help you plan your Asian Wedding!

The Keyword among designers, bloggers, magazines and more for 2020's Asian Wedding is BOLD. Think bold outfits, colours, décor and features to make your wedding pop.

Asian Wedding Outfits

The Outfits

2020 is looking bold in outfits for Asian Weddings, even combining modern twists with classic statements and MAXIMIST rather than minimalist! This is your year to go all out.

Designers such as Falguni & Shane Peacock and Aggarwal are suggesting feathers, tiers, layers, ruffles and sparkle for an outfit that screams 'extravagant'.

With any of these glitz and glam affectations, they are often bold statements of their own - and pairing with more muted colours can let the statement pieces make their statement! For example picking pastel and whites, creams or silvers abundant with sparkle and feathers can help stop the outfit being too gaudy or overwhelming, and will be very in vogue with recent runway dress designs.

Similarly, if paired with more minimalist clothing go for more outrageous jewellery, or if wearing bold dress colours, try pastel jewellery. These contrasts will help both elements, the dress and jewellery, each to stand out, rather than compete.

There also seems to be no diminishing of the floral trend of previous years, with fashion runways abash with floral patterns and embroideries. Florals aren't just for the ladies, too! Following recent floral trends are floral churidaar for the groom, allowing an expression of boldness for him too.

Recent runways are also seeing more and more Asian-western fusion style dresses, so with the option of many outfits over the course of your wedding, why not try some fusion pieces to bring your wedding a unique modern fusion style.

Asian Wedding Decor

The Décor

The décor is an important part of the Asian wedding, often with huge, lavishly decorated venues. So what interior design will stand out and be in vogue in 2020?

As with outfits, 2020 is saying BOLD, and modern meets classic.

Often a classic at western as well as Asian weddings are lavish floral displays. 2020 predictions for Asian wedding foliage is heavy on the greenery. With arches, table pieces, and aisle runners of thick, eye catching green shrubbery, this can help pops of colour stand out even more.

For example, using white or pastel florals among the rich green will make these lighter hues stand out rather than blend into the background, and the green provides a natural theme to the wedding décor! You can match your other décor to the colour of the statement flowers, for example using matching white flowers with white tables, chairs or the wedding arch.

Also popular is using screen projections to have a dynamic background for the wedding. You can use this for some intrigue to your decoration, or to project a heartfelt video dedicated to the couple and their closest friends and family.

Asian Wedding Features

Wedding Features

Reportedly, a new popular trend for Asian Weddings is introducing the 8th Phera at their weddings as a modern statement of gender equality.

Traditionally Asian weddings had 7 pheras, representing the couple to be entwined for their next 7 lives. The 8th is often now introduced as a statement, signifying a pledge to save the girl child.

Many traditionally conservative Asian countries still have expensive dowries and firm gender roles. The 8th pledge promises not to discriminate in the event of a female foetus.

While this is not common practice for Asian couples in the UK, introducing the 8th vow can be a socio-political statement against sexist practice globally, and spreads awareness about the still present problems in the world to their guests. It can also allow the couple to champion other causes, making their 8th pledge specific to other worldly issues, such as climate change.

Asian Wedding Hand Hold

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